Helping autistic children & adults make sense of the social world

So much of everyday functioning relies on people choosing safe and effective responses to the many social cues in social situations and interactions. For non-autistic, ‘typical’ people, reading these social cues comes instantly and accurately without effort. For those on the autism spectrum, who perceive and interpret these cues differently, making sense of the social world can be a lifelong struggle.

But it need not be. If this missing social information is shared in a respectful, safe and accessible way, life for the child or adult can become much more predictable, clear and comfortable.

There are lots of ways to share social information including the use of visual timetables, Comic Strip Conversation and Social StoriesTM.

This website is about guiding those who care for, love or work alongside autistic people to a better understanding of their alternative perspective, and providing ways of sharing missing social information to make the social world a more autism friendly place.

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